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Results from Upholstery Cleaning in Central LondonWith a touch of careful consideration, we apply the best detergents possible, to optimize the cleaning results, while narrowing the chance of damage occurring to the fibers or colours of your upholstery, with our help you can expect:

  • Upholstery fiber protection
  • Colour correction
  • Deep leather cleaning
  • Proper conditioning
  • No mold growth or odours

Scotchgard, a protective detergent, allows us to properly clean any stain while also providing a protective layer over the fibers which helps with the deterring of dirt and grime.


Some upholstery types require more frequent cleanings than other, but it is a fact that even leather needs a treatment once in a while. Local Cleaners Central London Ltd. has a special team dedicated to the cleaning of any upholstery type, with specialist detergents focused on the extraction of stains without it being at the expense of the fibers or leather of your upholstery. These treatments are eco-friendly and have a high biodegradability level, meaning that no traces of the detergents we use will be left behind.

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Upholstery Cleaning Service Details

Leather upholstery cleaning – every leather couch or sofa, whether natural leather or synthetic one, needs cleaning from time to time, and regardless of the quality of said leather, it cannot escape the effects of time. Indeed, over time leather loses a big percentage of its natural oils, drying it and making it less pleasant to the touch, making it more likely to tear and even scale. To remedy or prevent this, we use a conditioner designed for leather, which e apply with a microfiber cloth in a circular motion. This helps with the rejuvenation of the leather, returning its spring back, making it more durable to ear and tear.

Steam cleaning – when it seems impossible to reach the deep nooks and crannies of your sofa, this treatment comes in and excels where other fail to achieve success. Because of the high suction attachment and the steam jet we use, we can reach down and remove the accumulated dust or grime with ease. The steam jet used is specially calibrated to minimized the exposure to moisture, quickening the time between a wet state and full dryness, and at the same time made efficient in removing stains and any other type of filth on the upholstery. It’s quick and has a rejuvenating effect on the fibers, giving you the dream upholstery at the lowest prices around.

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