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Professional Rug Cleaning Tools in Central LondonWe handle everything from the preparations of the rug for cleaning, the actual procedures and then we also handle the safe drying if necessary. You don't have to move a muscle aside from calling us and then enjoy:

  • Dirt and dust free rugs
  • Odour removal therapies
  • Fiber protection treatments
  • Dislocation prevention
  • Long lasting effects of our visit

Using Scotchgard your rugs will be safe from further dirt accumulation beating it off with a fine protective layer that also rejuvenates the fibers. Contact Us 020 3746 8232 if you want to find more benefits of our rug cleaning service.

Benefits of Rug Cleaning Service

Completely cleaning one's area rug can be a real chore, it takes time and equipment and sometimes more money than you'd like to spend to receive some real results, and even then it's not that good.

Don't waste the time and energy of doing it yourself, Call Us Now 020 3746 8232 and ask for our professional help on this matter. With 10 years of experience in the field, we are bound to have some tricks up our sleeves, and what's more, you won't have to worry about fiber or colour damage.

Service information

Dry cleaning - this method approaches the situation from a safer angle, allowing your rugs to be fully and entire cleaned, without touching water or heat. There are some materials like silk and cotton that do not fare so under water or heat, it causes them to shrink or it damages their fibers and dulls the colours. We use a special dry detergent that when applied draws out the excess moisture found in the material, while reacting with the filth that it has accumulated over time. The reaction is mild and does not affect the fibers one bit, after that we draw everything out with a machine and the rug is ready for use, damage-free.

Steam cleaning - is a special treatment that has a very high success when stains and dust are involved. Because it uses a very effective method of cleaning it is a frontrunner and enjoys a wide usage in the cleaning industry. A detergent in placed in the tank with the water before it's brought to a boil, then this mixture is injected into the fibers of the rug using a narrow nozzle, which destroys any dirt or stain in the fibers and rejuvenates the textile. The same nozzle acts as an extraction port, with which we remove all the moisture and water found in the rug, leaving it completely dry with a slight need for drying.

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