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Reviewed by Carren S. on Jul 15, 2015

By far the best cleaning service in Central London that I've booked so far. They are polite, arrive on time and don't make a fuss when you don't want something done or you want something done your way, and its affordable too. Some companies think its ok to charge a kidney for a carpet cleaning just because they're in London.

Reviewed by Garry O. on Feb 14, 2015

I was really concerned with the detergents they used, other companies rarely tell you what they're using, you'd be glad to get a sentence out of them, however, the team that this company sent over was very polite and explained how the detergents worked, what was in them and it basically was all bio-degradable things that won't leave a chemical trace afterwards. Now I know what my home is being cleaned with and I'm at ease.

Reviewed by Wayne G. on Apr 17, 2014

I don't have the time or nerve to clean my flat, its way too troublesome, however, it needs doing and I figured who better to do it than these guys. So far so good, I found that their services are affordable and they can fit my persona schedule just fine.

Reviewed by Amy W. on Oct 17, 2011

Any way you figure, its cheaper to call these guys than to clean your house by yourself, if you want it done right that is. That's what happened with me, I estimated that I was spending more than 150 quid on cleaning each month, whereas it cost me less than 120 to have them clean some things at home. Very affordable with nice customer service and friendly cleaners.

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