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Mattress cleaning in a Home in Central LondonIt’s a simple choice really you either choose comfort and sound sleep, or you choose to get bitten and experience shin rashes due to contact with their feces. We can remove everything from the mattress, leaving a fully sanitized surface, as well as:

  • A sanitary sleeping environment
  • Healthier sleep
  • No bug bites or rashes
  • No more allergens
  • All bad smells are gone

And a full comprehensive cleaning session that covers all of these and many other benefits about which you can acquire more by calling 020 3746 8232.

Advantage of Mattress Cleaning Service

Mattresses are our dream fortresses, they take us places and should be safe and not the breading grounds of bed bugs an dust mites, or a slew of other harmful and odour producing bacteria.

Don’t be a victim and take action today, Call 020 3746 8232 and ask for Local Cleaners Central London Ltd. and their professional hard floor cleaning which not only deals with stains and odours, but also fully exterminates bed bugs or dust mites without using chemicals or toxins to do it.

Service Information

U.V Lights treatment - bed bugs and dust mites are notoriously hard to get rid of, with a hard outer shell that protects them from any chemical attacks, these critters have a lifespan enough to produce over 1million offspring each. To get rid of them all we us special U.V lights that have been optimized to exterminate them in every stage of their development without leaving any trace. The treatment itself is safe for humans and pets, and it does not use any chemicals. To remove all of the corpses and fecal matter, we use a strong vacuum machine which draws everything out.

Steam cleaning - stains and odours don't stand a chance with this treatment, specially made to tackle all of the bonds between the stain and the fibers of the mattress, this procedure uses bio-degradable ingredients and detergents to produce the best results possible. The steam machine we use comes with a vacuum attachment that draws every ounce of moisture that is left after the cleaning, making the drying process lot quicker than it would be if we were to leave it to dry on its own. It removes odour producing bacteria and creates an anti-fungal layer to protect you from further infections.

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