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Frequently Asked Questions

A: We appreciate it when customers move large and heavy objects in the room we are supposed to be cleaning in, it makes our job a lot easier and expedites the cleaning process.

A: We come fully prepared so you are not required to buy something beforehand, however, we do request that you provide a close parking spot to the location we are cleaning in - we have heavy machines and not all cleaners are male.

A: We can be at you house within 24hours, sometimes even within the hour, all depending on the availability.

A: We are a client-focused company so we will take all measures accordingly to satisfy your needs. In the unlikely event of you not being satisfied with the results, we will take individual approach and resolve the case.

A: We trust our cleaners, however, we've made the habit of calling several days after the cleaning as to make sure that everything has gone smoothly and that you are satisfied with our work.

A: You can give us a call at 020 3746 8232 and receive a full list of the options.