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Efficient Curtain Cleaning in Central London WC1

Technician Cleans Curtains in Central LondonFor a chance you get to experience the changes that occur when we clean, you will notice a distinct lack of hue in the colour of your curtains, this is because we remove all contaminates making the pigmentation pop and look like new, you can also enjoy:

  • No more tobacco smell
  • Cleaned curtains
  • Deep cleaned fibers
  • Fewer allergens
  • Better air quality

With our detergents, we can make sure that no amount of dust will be left behind, giving you a clean, fresh smelling living or bedroom.


Curtains often get neglected when it comes to home cleaning though it is more likely that they are the ones in need of the cleaning. They can gather quite a lot of filth in just a matter of 3 months, catching flying dust and rapping it in its fibers. With time, this can cause serious issues with the drapery itself, but it can lead to colour dulling and fiber damage, making the curtains more likely to tare. Local Cleaners Central London Ltd. has a solution to this problem that will last for a long time.

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Curtain Cleaning Information

Steam cleaning – is optimized to accommodate the vertical nature of curtains, meaning that we do not have to remove them for them to be properly cleaned, but can, in fact, be cleaned as they are. This lowers the cleaning time, helps with the reduction of wrinkling and is outright more convenient for both parties. We clean with a steam jet that blasts the fibers of the curtain with a hot steam jet combined with a carefully chosen detergent. This helps the cleaning compounds to remove any stains and dust trapped inside. It removes it and extracts it with a vacuum machine and the curtain is left to dry for 2-3 hours.

Dry cleaning – is a far gentler approach, however, it does require that we lower the curtains as to make it easier for us to properly clean them. They are placed on a firm and level surface so we can apply the dry detergent used for the cleaning, it is embedded into the fibers of the curtain with a fine brush and is then extracted using the same vacuum machine used in the steam procedure. Because n moisture is used in the cleaning process, there is no drying require, which is excellent for people who cannot afford to wait.


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